Sunshine, legs. Legs, sunshine. Get to know each other.

I am at the tail-end of my first ever trip to Hawaii. Maui, specifically.

My husband is a graphic designer for corporate events and usually his work takes him to places like Vegas and Orlando. (No offense, but no thanks. I’ll pass on tagging along on those trips.) When it turned out that this event was in Maui, I said it was time to take me. He had to work a total of two days and we stuck 5 on at the beginning and called it a vacation. Sweet! OF COOOOURSE, the weather back in Oregon has been gorgeous, or so my friends back home tell me. If it starts to rain when I get back on Thursday, it’s probably my fault.

I’ll hopefully be posting some artwork inspired by the trip. His next trip is to Houston and, no, I won’t be going there either.


P.S. Yoiks! Those are some white legs!

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