Tropical Island Art Deco Mandala Thingy

I am having so much fun with this piece. I am still channeling the island colors from my Maui trip, but I’ve taken the pattern from the ceiling fan I decorated and randomly blown up or shrunk the elements in sections and it is now this Art Deco mandala type thingy. I am toying with doing some of the pie slices in shading with warm grays but that’s a scary prospect when color is working so well and feels so safe. And then there is the matter of my lack of judgment in doing the outer “ring” first which means I will be resting my hand alot on the finished design in order to work on the inner part, but of course there are many tools to handle that. I covered the outside white parts with matte frisket while I work, but it’s AMAAAZING how it STILL gets dirty under there even when I draw with inspection gloves.

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