Tropical Island Art Deco Mandala Thingy Part 2 (Or how to beat up on yourself)

I finished it. Hmmm… not loving it either.

The outlining is just wrong, wrong, wrong. Had I known it would eventually take on a “busy” look (how could I NOT know?), I would have done something far more muted in parts, particularly the center parts. The warm grays are nice, but alternating them as I did seems so… predictable.

It’s fine though. I learned alot. If it takes two years to fully learn any medium, I got a compressed education with this project and learned MUCH about markers and colored pencils together. I am not using the wax colored pencils these days and I have learned that I REALLY like the oil based pencils instead. I am actually impressed at how well I kept a steady hand doing that outlining. Ugg! But the outline was really only chosen to cover slop. So much for steady hands.

But the really important thing is that I sat here and stared at the thing (the whole time not loving it) for two weeks and still (finally) broke out the art shizz last night and started again in my sketchbook. And even though I’m not loving this busy, overworked sphere, I have to say it was as fun as anything I ever did.

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