Berry beginnings

I’ve had this blasted pre-migraine headache for most of the week. Add to that, the Olympics and the pre-emption of my evenings (amazing how a sports event can encourage inactivity – I think I’ve gained 5 pounds), and I haven’t had much energy or focus to do more than this.

I was having a bit of a scale issue, but managed to sketch in leaves that seemed to fit the scale of the berries. I think the leaves are a bit close together so don’t be surprised to see some change there.

Anyway, a massage, more ibuprofen and the end of the Olympics should have a positive effect.

I’ve had these week-long near migraines before. There have been several bodies of work on artist expression and migraine. Most notably, Oliver Sacks’ book Migraine and his discussion of Hildegard von Bingen’s artistic and spiritual inspiration as a migraine sufferer. And there are some interesting examples of artwork created while “under the influence” of migraine. That’s all well and good, but I don’t know how I could even lift a paintbrush while having a migraine unless it’s to stab it into my eyeball to make the pain stop.

The whole thing is interesting, but migraine neither diminishes or improves my artistic abilities, which is fine by me. I find drawing to be much more difficult than even having a migraine.

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