Oh Nine

Here we are, just on the other side of the threshold of a new year. I find resolutions very hard to resist making at New Years. I am a sucker for new beginnings and personal reinventions. All occurring in one annual event, it’s a compulsive person’s dream come true! However, I can see why failing resolutions make people wary of ever making them in the first place, but I tend to make resolutions with the idea in mind that I have a year to accomplish them or I reach a point where they are no longer useful for me to keep, or I discover that I need to resolve to do the baby steps first.

I have expectations, for sure. For one thing, after wars end (which hopefully we are on the brink of), there have historically been periods of resurgence of handmade or hand crafted goods. Certainly, we are already in a Handmade Hey Day. But my hope is that art takes on a new value to comfort and heal whereas the recent period of delusion and consumerism could not. I feel so fortunate to be living in a time when technology is so helpful in “getting the message out”, whatever the message is. But my sincere hope is that more people will find themselves reaching for things that truly satisfy their inner bliss rather than searching amongst all the stuff we’ve been collecting (and as it turns out could never afford). My belief is that bliss is only achieved in one’s personal expression of creativity, however that manifests. I predict many people will be having their own little Recession Renaissance. I would love to hear about yours.

As for resolutions, my personal ones are to try one large scale project this year, and to get really good at Adobe Illustrator. If I have the time, I may pick up crocheting again (which will be like learning it all over again, it’s been so long). Resolutions I will never make are to “finish” anything. Some projects are not meant to be finished. It’s make or break time with me and that painted wicker trunk that’s been sitting under plastic in my living room. Husband, time to throw that wooden canoe form you were constructing in our garage.

In summary, I really don’t need any more stuff or gadgets. (I admit, won’t be sad when my iPod Touch battery finally goes and I need to buy a bigger one. More GB is always appreciated.)
I simply need to put ass-in-chair and connect with the larger universe that is trying to infiltrate art in a resistant and needy world. If it’s your hope as well, then you must resolve to do it. There has seldom been a greater need.

Finally, I promised to report back on the Japanese Embroidery light. It arrived. I did as instructed and installed a 40 watt bulb and it turned out to be so hot, it warped my self-healing cutting pad. I replaced it with a 40 watt warm fluorescent and it’s fantastic! I can draw at night again! It’s HUGE.

Happy New Year, friends and family. MAKE IT a good one.

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  1. Hi SonyaThanks for your supportive comment over at Skinny laMinx. Petty comments like that of Anonymous doesn’t really bother me much, but it’s really nice when someone leaps to my defence, so thanks very much!Love your beautiful drawings!Best,Heather

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