Studio Renovation – about bleepin’ time!

Hi there, all.

So without much initial fanfare, here are some photos of the room in general. In future posts, I can go into more detail on some of the crafty projects that we did and even some yet to come. (Studio Reno 2.0).

First and foremost, the whole effort was born out of the need to get rid of the nasty carpet in here. I mean, that just made no sense. So here is that nasty rug (before):

(Thankfully blurry.)

And here was the finished, naked floor. BTW, this is BALK veneer flooring from IKEA. (You’re gonna see alot of IKEA in these photos):

Just beautiful maple!

More “befores”:

(Hi, husband!)

Sad to say that the kitty beds were a casualty of the renovation.
They were fired from the firm. But it is cleaner in here without the fur.
I thought I would miss that light fixture. It was bright, but the bulbs
burned out constantly.

Check the mess that surrounded my roll-out drawing table! And
the closet with those file cabs showed way back in there like that.

White standard construction grade closet doors. When open,
they jut 6 inches into the space.
And those were my tiny narrow
shelves that held my art supplies.

Another problem was this huge L-shaped desk that
took up that half of the room.

Those silly shutters for the cut-out overlooking the living room.
And that huge black cabinet above the desk which I banged my
head on several times during the renovation. Both are gone.

Enough. I love my husband and it’s fortunate we get along so well in a work envirnoment, but I can’t believe we were crammed in here together like sardines for 4 years.

Here are the “afters”:

New lighting…
His desk.

My desk! La!
And tons of shelving.

I made the curtains and fell in love all over again
with my sewing machine.
Will ya look at those closet standards??? There’s space back
there that I may discover a year from now.
And the lateral
file cabinet which we salvaged from a place in Portland. It
locks and everything.

I love those antique fishing lures. My husband pulled them
out of a box in the garage and I had to have them.

Well, there you have it. Thanks for putting up with blurry photos. We’re still hoping for that DSLR camera someday. And these photos are hopefully incentive for me to blog with a bit more regularity going forward. I’m still rather new at it. I also need to work again, and have projects backed up “Like planes at Kennedy”. We started the renovation in April and it took alot longer than I thought. I’m ready to make stuff!

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