Dolls as creative inspiration

Some time ago, I ran across a photographer’s work using dolls as subjects in some fairly unconventional photography. I was enthralled by the dolls. I had never seen anything like them before. Some were incredibly human and life life. Others were macabre and scary. It made me go on a hunt for these dolls which later inspired my own creative project.

My search led me to, among other places, this on-line doll shop where I became fixated on this fellow. Without much of a second thought, I parted with the $90 thinking I just needed to, no… I MUST have him.

He is Nosferatu and a vampire. I just think he is enchanting.

Since he was a pre-order at the time and delivery was not promised for nearly 2 months, I had to satisfy myself with his picture. But once he arrived, I took these pictures of my own (minus his fangs – I like him better de-fanged).

And he is wearing an awesome Goth get-up…

A bit of info about these dolls. Nosferatu is a Korean doll (Pullip-TaeYang) made by Ars Gratia Artis. As it might be expected, the Japanese take these artistic dolls to a much higher level of being nearly incarnate. From a collector’s standpoint, these shown here are known as Ball-Jointed Dolls or BJDs.

Variations cover the range of everything from the human form to the fetish and fantasy form…

BJDs are thought to be heavily inspired by anime and Lolita fashion.

Japanese BJDs are not the only highly desirable doll. Here is a Chinese brand of BJD:

Here is another Korean doll, Luts. Just incredible! (I’ll be poking around on this site more after I post this):

I wanted to show you these dolls as inspiration for creativity like these drawings based on the familiar Blythe doll or dressing and posing them for a creative photo shoot. Also, a note of interest: the name of my blog “ChickieLou” is named after my childhood doll, so dolls have been personal creative touchstones for me throughout my life. As I mentioned, my Nosferatu inspired me for an art project. More on that next time!

If you want to spend an entire DAY (and probably more) exploring more about BJDs, this would be a good place to start:

Warning: You might want to put your credit cards in a bowl of water and freeze it before you look at these. The emotional tug and impulse to buy one of these dolls is strong! Just when you think you are safe, one individual will draw you in. Also, please note: some of these sites may have images that are unsuitable for work browsing.

Photo streams and blogs featuring BJD:

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  1. Hi,I saw on one of your past blogs that you installed an Ikea Balk floor in your place last year. We also installed a Balk floor and in less than a year the planks are separating all over the apartment. It looks terrible. Did you have any problems with your floor?

  2. Hi Paul,We do have a small amount of that. (I'm assuming you mean separation between the short ends of the boards.) We have three boards like that, none more than 1/16". But in my opinion, that's more than we would like. My husband thinks he's got an idea to fix it with some non-slip silicone sheeting and placing another board on top of that and whacking that with a mallet. I am describing it in very general terms and I confess I don't know exactly what he has in mind. But I thought I would mention that in case you can take the idea and elaborate on it for yourself. Still, I would think it would keep happening. Have you tried talking to IKEA about it? They might know what to do about it.-Sonya

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