A bag of many issues

You must excuse the busy-ness of this bag. After the arduous task of moving last year, weeks went past before I was able to get back in the studio to work on anything. One night, I decided to pick a box that wasn’t in the best shape (the desert air warps many of my boxes) and “get back into” the swing of things. The result was this very busy, very overworked box. This is why I say that my boxes are for decorative purposes only although certainly, they will withstand an evening or two out on the town for dinner. But mainly my boxes are to ogle. The box is my canvas. I also tell this tale as a way to answer the question of why I am currently not selling my boxes. I would simply not know how to price such an object. I do, on occasion, “rehab” a purse to make the latch closeable and firm, but I mainly try to use existing hardware which often times was not meant to do more than enclose cigars for transport to the cigar retailer or the consumer.


There is A LOT going on here. Embossing, decoupage, many clashing stones. Oh! And a tassel.


You can’t see it in this photo, but the lid is quite warped and I used a chipped mirror. Practice, practice, practice.

I am exploring ways that I can justify selling. But for now, enjoy them here in my gallery. As always, I welcome your comments and thank you for visiting.

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