If you are lucky, you know a friend like Karie. She’s sweet, funny, caring, and she’s got great taste. And she likes the color green. She also makes you think about things and pushes you to stretch and grow. So it is only fitting that by making this purse, I have learned a LOT! The cork was a new thing for me. And even when I asked her “Do you like cork?” and she said “No”, I had to find a way to make it work. So, I made the cork gold. It plays like leather, so I decided to teach myself a thing or two about setting studs. I like the look of eyelets, and had them on hand. And there you have it. Dressy and sweet, just like Karie is. Though the handle is pretty, I’d like a slightly thicker handle on it, and so I will allow one guess who is now exploring making her own purse handles. I am up for the challenge and the growth. Karie would really have it no other way!


Image shows front, using grasscloth, cork, and eyelet rivets.


I wanted the interior to feel like a mini-vacation.


Close-up of ombre technique.

2 thoughts on “Karie

  1. Who is this person? I must meet her! Such amazing words to go with this magnificent purse. It really is a work of art. You’re talent will never cease to amaze.

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