French Quarter

My nephew Lorenzo, now all of nine years old, had a very specific theme in mind for his Mother’s Day gift for his mom. He wanted it to be New Orleans themed and spooky. Generally, either myself or his grandma help him with his gifts, and this time it was my turn. I decided a purse as a great gift box for some spooky or NOLA themed items would be the best option. And hey! Any excuse to make a purse, right?

The surface of the purse is covered with a metallic, almost bronze-looking wallpaper remnant resembling ceiling tin that I got on eBay for about $11 for a generous amount. (I will be making more purses with this paper. It’s stunning.)

The handle is a NOS metal arch style that had lost some of its luster sitting in someone’s garage or someplace unprotected from air. It was the perfect shape, but was too tarnished. So I constructed a “scrunchie” tube from some panne velour velvet and anchored it to the handle with rivets. Ugly tarnish covered, and it feels nice to hold.



The image inside was purchased as a digital file from Etsy. The photographer is Michael Collins and his shop is BienvillesSouthPix. Check him out. I purchased a few images from other photographers. But I thought his with those vibrant colors would look the nicest in this purse. FrenchQuarter3

I really wanted the feeling of looking at that balcony as though the viewer is physically across from it and on their own wrought iron balcony. So I pieced together several Dresden scrap pieces into a collage that resembled wrought iron, and then painted it black. The Mardi Gras colors were an afterthought, and I added the doubloons and the beads around the mirror. I’m pleased with the outcome. FrenchQtrDet4FrenchQtrDet2FrenchQtrDet3

For the final perfect touch, one vintage French silver bullion metal tassel. Easily the most expensive thing on the purse. I added the Fleur-de-Lis charm and the pearl and rhinestones. It was made to be on this purse.



My nephew also asked for some jewelry (I got an inexpensive, but beautiful wrap bracelet that matched the pale tones of the purse’s exterior) and #6 in the Dark Shadows DVD series. Both fit perfectly inside the purse. My nephew impressed me with his detailed request. You can tell he gave it a lot of thought. And when he gave it to his mom he said “It’s made of diamonds, pearls, gold, and silver, and is worth at least ten thousand dollars” which gave me a laugh!  Well, I think I impressed him, at least.

Happy Mother’s Day to all and to my sister. This was lots of fun to make and share with you. Thanks for stopping by.


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  1. Thanks James.

    He’s a character, that nephew! And I didn’t really draw any special attention to it, but the bottom of the purse was lightly smeared with red paint, to resemble a bit of blood.

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