Oh Boy… So behind. So… so behind.

So, I greet you and apologize for taking this long to end my hiatus and get back to blogging here. That is not to say that I haven’t been making purses. Making purses is always easier than blogging, for me. I think I have purses to blog here backed up from May. Wow. Anyway…

Here we have a purse I made for a friend Betsy. Betsy and I met online through a group dedicated to supporting a favorite big cat sanctuary. So, it only made sense when Betsy was faced with a health crisis that any purse I made for her be beautiful and empowering, embodying strength and grace. And have a pacified tiger on it! This old label was something I had acquired a couple a years ago. I don’t even know if it is a cigar box label. It had no text on it. But hey! That just meant I could add my own. So I give you… Betsy’s Victory! Betsy, if you are reading this, may this beauty of a purse carry your strength and victory on those days when it’s hard. I wish you only the best of health.

More purses coming over the next few days…


5 thoughts on “Oh Boy… So behind. So… so behind.

  1. I’m the “Betsy” written about above and I have to say that everywhere I go with this purse I am highly complimented and gushed over! The purse came in the mail and was a total surprise! I loved it the minute I saw it, especially after spotting the tiger on the front! This meant so much to me and one of the nicest and most thoughtful gifts I’ve ever, ever received! I’m so very grateful and the purse is a draw for acclaim! And I always say a silent thank you to a dear friend!

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