Earlier this year, my friend Charlie asked me to make a purse as a surprise for his wife, Barbara. He provided me with a stack of her favorite nature and bird oriented greeting cards to choose images from. Together, we selected this beautiful image by air brush artist Wendy Morgan to make into a cigar-styled label for a purse. For the image itself, I only gave it an aged look and then added the bijoux and some jeweled eyes and a rather generic “Havana Finest Cigars” graphic. The paper I used for the interior is one of those lovely World Market papers I am so fond of lately.

I am very pleased with how it turned out. Barbara was thrilled and very surprised!




The back of the greeting card, giving credit to the artist, Wendy Morgan.

One thought on “Barbara

  1. Sonya, what a surprise to see the beautiful purse you made for me on your blog. I just love the purse and enjoy showing it with pride to my friends who are amazed that something so beautiful and creative can be made from a cigar box. You are truly talented!!

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