Kathy’s Clock, and a further update. (And thanks!!)

And now, for something a bit different.

Here is a “purse” I created that was meant to hang on a wall. One of the things I love is displaying both my purses and my collection of Enid Collins purses on the wall (with a shout out to my very tolerant husband). This inspired me to make a purse (or is it a clock?) for my sister-in-law Kathy as a sort of house-warming gift since she recently moved. I just LOVE how it turned out. I’m figuring out how to make a desktop version!

Well, that’s all for now. I have other purses to blog, but need to schedule  photography day for them.

Thank you, friends, for your encouragement and positive comments. It means a lot to me. I’ve been struggling with several health issues, most aggravating being a bad case of tendonitis in my dominant hand. I find it very hard to limit my activities in the studio, but I did break down and buy a power screwdriver. Hand therapy continues apace (relief coming at a GLACIAL pace) and I’m trying to stay positive. Soon I will have to start working on the financial books for my family’s business, to hand off to my accountant for the end of the year, so purse blogging may slow down once again. One thing I will try to do is be more present on my Facebook page. You can try following me there. Be well!




Here is is, hanging “in situ”.

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