Chair Affair 2020!

Here we are, another year down. And yes, it’s time once again for the Chair Affair. Truthfully this year’s chair design, loosely based on “old school” tattoo flash, had been simmering in my head even before I began work on last year’s chair. I explored some of the concepts and designs that I had in mind at that time, and allowed myself to be taken down a path of fish and koi. So this year, I was determined to finally do the “tattoo chair”. Given that this chair is for a child, I limited my design image search to tame subjects such as flowers, birds, hearts, anchors, and ropes. In my search, I stumbled on the work of one artist who offered an “old school tattoo” watercolor style collection of images. I was instantly captivated. However, I felt they were maybe too painterly and lacked the black outlined look of actual old school tattoo art. So I purchased the images, and outlined the various elements. Next, I found some rope and knot images because I felt they “tied” the chair together into something that was just a little less tame. The results are a wild riot of flowers, rope, a little bit Gypsy Wagon and a little bit Dr. Seuss, with those crazy red rockers and other painted style elements. (I really did hesitate on the red, but I remembered this is for a kid! There’s no such thing as too bright.)

My husband said it best: he hoped that a parent would see this chair and think it perfect for their little “wild one”, and in that way chair and child would find each other for life.

So here we have a small, sturdy, perfectly understated little rocker. I purchased it for $10 at community sale benefiting the town of Mitchell, Oregon after they had a torrential flood last year.


And after…

I would like to thank my friend Ceci who this year, again, donated the expense of some of the images for this amazing charitable cause. My husband took the photos, for which I am grateful. Community Warehouse is a great organization. Every community needs an organization that helps people in need furnish homes. It helps families, and gives kids needed stability. I’m honored and grateful to help in any way I can.

5 thoughts on “Chair Affair 2020!

    • It’s like an auction, in that they are “sponsored” for the event and people bid on them. I’m actually hoping to have a corporate sponsor this year, but haven’t heard back yet. After the event, the kids that Community Warehouse helps are invited to come and pick out a chair. Sometimes we get photos of the kids with their new chairs.

      I have not yet been able to attend the Chair Affair or the Artist Reception. And this year is not looking good for it either. One year, I hope to go. It looks like it’s a blast!

  1. Sonya, you really are gifted! What an adorable chair and so delighted it’s for charity! Bet it brings in lots of bids and your contribution will be most appreciated! Proud of you!

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