Cigar Box Decoupage


Cedar cigar box – I am told this is called a “coffin style” box for a single cigar.


Base layer of a distressed looking gingham fabric (printed scrapbook paper)


Glamour shots of the final box.

Unfortunately, I did not get “before” shots of the blue one. I should know better. Trust me when I say this was a cigar box.

IMG_1927 IMG_1923 Tryptich_cigarBlue

More IKEA Magazine Files

I had the chance to make another IKEA magazine file. Just to reiterate from the last time I did this, the surface is very slick. If you try, this don’t be surprised if you need to touch up some of the sparkle and shine (especially if you use metallic or glitter pens) before you assemble and fill it and call it done. Also, give your drawings some time for your markers, glitter pens, etc. to dry. I don’t want you to have a huge smudging accident and be fretting. This is a lot of fun.

Magnetic pin-up board spruce (in 15 minutes)

Left over from the studio renovation was this rather plain magnetic pin board that had more of an industrial look to it that didn’t fit the new decor. So, I recovered it.

This is the original Umbra pinboard. If you click on the link you can see it was not cheap and is really too nice to not find some new use for.

So, I took out some fabric remnants and chose a cheery polka dot. Added some trim, all done with my hot glue gun…

And we have a totally new look! And it can always be removed since the glue was applied to the back where no one can see anything. The fabric can be cut away.

I like the magnetic aspect of this board the best.