Punch the Clock

A simple enameled black clock from IKEA. Inexpensive and completely impervious to my attempts to take it apart to paint or otherwise decorate it. What to do.

So, I had some paper flowers that I drew with my Prismacolor markers and had cut out for a defunct project and some Positional Mounting Adhesive (PMA).

Follow the instructions provided with the PMA regarding positioning and application.

Sticking the flowers to the clock. That’s it! They are permanent.

Time to feed the kitties!

More stuff…

Here is another simple motif. This one was lots of fun. Why aren’t gel pens more legitimate to artists? Scrapbookers don’t seem to be embarrassed to use them.

gouache, gel pens, on smooth cardboard

Here is the finished drawing of the Hawaiian red ginger plant in the moleskine. This was done with colored pencils in a more traditional style.

P.S. Man! Does this family need a DSLR camera! I swear, that ginger bud is NOT as overworked as it looks in that photo. However, I do think I need to remove the “wax bloom” and apply some fixative at this point. (I just forgot.)