More IKEA Magazine Files

I had the chance to make another IKEA magazine file. Just to reiterate from the last time I did this, the surface is very slick. If you try, this don’t be surprised if you need to touch up some of the sparkle and shine (especially if you use metallic or glitter pens) before you assemble and fill it and call it done. Also, give your drawings some time for your markers, glitter pens, etc. to dry. I don’t want you to have a huge smudging accident and be fretting. This is a lot of fun.

IKEA Magazine files

More surface design fun. This is one of the IKEA “Flyt“Magazine Files I decorated. They don’t come any cheaper and less glamorous. (Five for $2.99 – you can’t go wrong.) I will be making more. Really enjoying my markers again, by the way!

Tombow Brush Pens, metallic pens, Prismacolor markers

A couple of words of caution: First, the surface is slightly glossy. So it was a little bit challenging. But actually, after it was completely dry, I REALLY liked the effect. It almost looks printed. They come flat packed so it was quite easy to draw on them when flat, and it was fun to assemble at the end.

Second, they are a little flimsy. Not the thing to store your chunky Vogue magazines. Either that or stuff it entirely so the weight at the base AND the top is evenly distributed. Heavy things leaning to one side inside of it might topple it. It hasn’t popped off the shelf yet, but I don’t have it anywhere where it can bean me on the head either.

Punch the Clock

A simple enameled black clock from IKEA. Inexpensive and completely impervious to my attempts to take it apart to paint or otherwise decorate it. What to do.

So, I had some paper flowers that I drew with my Prismacolor markers and had cut out for a defunct project and some Positional Mounting Adhesive (PMA).

Follow the instructions provided with the PMA regarding positioning and application.

Sticking the flowers to the clock. That’s it! They are permanent.

Time to feed the kitties!

An older drawing

Here is a painting in the studio, more or less permanently stuck to the wall. I had to take the picture in situ. (Okay, I merely wanted to say “in situ”.)

I was obsessing on sea invertebrates last year. And paisley. Sometimes in the same drawing. I could go back to that obsession at the slightest provocation, flowers being a distraction at the moment.

I can’t even remember what I used. Markers and paint pens. As I recall, it took forever to dry because the surface was not the correct one to use. An educational project that worked out.

I am also hesitating to show anything in the studio at this time because I plan to do a before / after once we put in the wood laminate flooring next month.