Chair Affair 2019!

This is unbelievably embarrassing that the last entry on this blog was almost exactly a year ago. Plus it’s on the same topic. The Chair Affair. I would link to the all the deets about what that is, but it’s literally the very next post. So scroll down (click the Home button if you have to) so you can see my contribution last year and the worthy cause that it’s for.

I have been very, very productive in the studio over the past year. My husband has taken many photos of everything I made and I still have more to shoot. If I can keep my promise to myself, I will get busy posting those in the coming days.

Chairs at the thrift store.

The chair started out as one of a pair of lacquered green children’s chair. Unfortunately, when I got the chairs home and started stripping the paint off them, I discovered that one of them had an irreparable break in it. Truthfully, I was a little relieved given how much time it took to complete one chair.

And here, without further delay, is “Koi Pond”.

(The artist who made the koi artwork can be found here.)

The koi swim against the current.
The koi overcome great obstacles.
Grow strong and brave like the koi.

(Font is Zakka.)
“Creative Director” Finnegan in the shot.

Many thanks to all who helped me make this donation for a great event and for a deserving child. My husband who took the wonderful photos and drove the chair 3 1/2 hours to drop it off in Portland , Robin at Community Warehouse who met up with him to make the transfer, and to my friend Ceci who donated the cost of the images for the chair.